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       10-12-01 - Just started working with the site.  To catch up on everything, I've got a Traxxas Bandit.  Bought it as a kit to learn the parts.  Its great.  I added RPM carriers and a set of 5x11 bearings.  Got a new P2k pro, and a Novak Explorer II.  Really fun.  The site will start to fill out as I get more time.

          25-12-01 - Christmas is here, and so is the money.  I received a gift certificate from tower hobbies, so I decided to go out and try some nitro.  I bought the st-15 by tower.  It looks like an OK beginner truck, and for the price, I had to get it.  It will be fun.  I will add a section to the site for info about it.

          26-10-01 - Took my fried p2k pro to get it checked up at my lhs.  I got it back with about 36,000 rpms, some fancy brushes and springs.  A lot better now.  Only pulls 2 amps at 10 volts.  Get great speeds.  Hope my st-15 will get here soon! 

          1-1-02 - Happy New Years.  Just got my st-15 from tower.  Pieces missing, but I managed to do without them.  Got it going, and found you only need 1 1/2 to 2 turns on the needle to get it going.  It fly's.  Probably about 35 to 40.  So much power and speed, way more than electric, well unless you go brushless.  

          9-1-02 - New News.  Got a two-speed tranny for my st-15.  This thing flys now.  Awsome acceleration, and even better speeds.  Suitable for street now.  Definatly over 40mph now.  The only problem is, dirt gets everywhere with from the high body and cooling holes.  Also picked up a finer air filter and a fuel filter.

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